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When I click on "Forgot Password" I do not get an email, why not?  

If you do not receive an email with the link to reset your password there are two possible reasons for this: 

  1. The email is in you spam or junk folder, or 
  2. You do not have an account on this server. 

I have taken courses on the LMS before, but I cannot log into my account, why not?

The most likely reason is that you have taken a course on one of our other servers. The department runs three servers simultaneously for large courses like Test Administrator and Building Testing Coordinator Training, as well as TEAM Recertification. It is possible you took a course on one of those servers. However, if the course creator sent you the link to this server this is the server you will have to log into so you will need to create a new account. 

Why is the course I am looking for not showing up? 

Courses are tied to specific email addresses. When the course creator enrolled you in the course they used a different email address than the one you created your account with. Please reach out to the course creator to get help with this issue. If you do not know who the course creator is please email for further assistance.